The Saudi Society of Disaster Management

A dedicated team of professionals striving to reduce the effects of disasters, safeguard lives and property, and foster resilience and recovery within the country, with an emphasis on innovation and effectiveness.

the Society awaiting approval from The National Center for the Non-Profit Sector

Strengthen societal resilience through effective disaster management

At the Saudi Society of Disaster Management, we specialize in developing and implementing innovative solutions to strengthen communities against unexpected challenges. With a focus on innovation and efficiency, our goal is to establish a resilient business continuity system.

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Benchmarking Best Practices

We meticulously analyze and implement industry-leading standards to elevate healthcare delivery, ensuring optimal outcomes for all stakeholders.


AI-Powered Solutions

Our advanced AI and Lean simulations revolutionize medical practices, from coding and terminology standardization to early detection of diseases, ensuring proactive and preventive care.


Collaboration with Different Stakeholders

We foster partnerships with diverse stakeholders, leveraging collective expertise to address complex healthcare challenges and drive sustainable solutions.

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